What does "Direct Trade" mean?

Direct Trade is an ethical, responsible and social connection between artisans and retailers without any intermediaries, thus ensuring the craftsman keeps the income rightly due to them. Direct trade fairly supports the ventures of talented artisans and enables them to earn a living wage, support their family and grow their business.

How soon will my product ship?

We strive to ship all orders within 24 hours of receipt. In the case of weekend or holiday orders, items will always ship within 5 business days.

What portion of my order funds adoption or orphan care grants?

100% of our net proceeds go toward the month's featured grant. After covering merchandise, transaction fees, etc, this is a minimum 50% of your order. In order to give as much as possible to the monthly grants, we keep our admin costs very low. We are a 100% volunteer staff at this time and we choose basic, low-cost packaging. This results in the largest percentage possible going toward the artisans who create our products and the adoptive families/NGOs who receive our grants.

Is my order tax deductible?

Yes, as a non-profit entity (as a partner of WonGeneration), our sales are considered tax deductible donations. 75% of every purchase amount can be claimed as a donation at tax time.

Are products handmade?

Yes, our products are 100% handmade and purchased directly from the artisans who crafted them.* Our model eliminates intermediaries or brokerages that take away from the profit of the craftsman. Part of our mission at Ragini Project is to support the ventures and talents of those working hard to provide for their families under less-than-ideal conditions. Thank you for supporting our this mission and for helping fund grants for adoptive families and NGOs working to serve our world's orphans.

*Occasionally, our merchandise is purchased from artist's collectives that guarantee a fair living wage respectful of the ingenuity, skill & effort that went into creating the item.
**Since all items are 100% handmade, there is occasionally a small flaw or discrepancy in the item. We don't sell anything that we consider poor quality at risk of wearing out prematurely. Because each item is unique, there may be very slight variations from what is seen in the photos.  That is the beauty of handmade and direct trade!