Bring Theo HOME

Meet the Dycus Family from Farmington, MO. Nate & Alison, along with their two daughters, are feverishly working to bring their 9-month-old son, Theo Jackson-Haram, from South Korea. Theo has suffered one medical problem after another and Nate & Alison are very eager to bring him home and into a healthy environment where he can not only heal but also flourish.

The financial cost of their adoption is absurdly steep. So high, in fact, that many families would ignore the call to pursue Theo's adoption. Nate & Alison, however, will not be deterred. As Christians and a career minister, they have remained prayerful and steadfast. They are beyond grateful for the support they've received that helped them pay the first 50% of their adoption expenses but need our help to raise the remaining $30k.

For the entire month of February, each Ragini Project purchase will help fund a grant to bring Theo home to his forever family. Our goal is to award them $1,500. Will you help us?  

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