Support Bal Asha Trust - more than an orphanage


Our April grant recipient is a very special one to us here at Ragini Project. Bal Asha Trust was home to our daughter for her first two years of life. Located in bustling Mumbai, Bal Asha is far from what many of us imagine when we hear the term 'orphanage'. It is a refuge for children who have been left parentless, abandoned or too medically fragile to be cared for by their birth family. The incredible staff of Bal Asha Trust love these children as their own and do everything they can to ensure they flourish.

Many of the children who arrive at Bal Asha are literally near death and completely uncared for.  Director Sunil Arora and his team nurse the children back to good physical health, provide psychological support to heal the affects of trauma, provide them with a quality education, return them to their birth family when certain that is a safe place and connect the others with their forever family through domestic and foreign adoption.

When our daughter Ila (Ragini), became a part of our family, her caregivers at Bal Asha Trust did too. When I saw the smiles and tears on the faces of the Bal Asha staff when our little girl left that orphanage for the last time, I knew she had been truly loved and I left a piece of my heart there that day.

By American standards, the buildings and grounds are run down and maybe even unfit. There is nothing fancy or polished. They are clearly operating on a shoestring budget (this I know because I saw how very little of our adoption fees actually went to the orphanage - less than 1% of our adoption costs). Of that shoestring budget, every dime is clearly going to feeding and clothing these children, paying hospital bills, providing medication and trying to give them the education and resources they deserve. There is no doubt that trying to care for dozens of medically fragile and trauma-effected children is not easy. Let's help ease the burden on Sunil and his team so they can worry less about how they will pay the bills but more about who they will love next.

There were 49 children at Bal Asha the day I was there, each with unique medical and emotional needs (imagine the amount of diapers, food, medications, etc). 49 children inside the safe refuge of Bal Asha and 31 million more outside the gates who are just as deserving of the love that our little girl received.

Let's help alleviate some of the stress for Sunil and his team by helping ease the financial burden. Let's provide funds to open the door for even just one more child desperate for a place in the Bal Asha family.

Through April, every purchase or donation will provide operating funds to help Bal Asha serve even more children. Our funds will cover meals, diapers, medication, nurse and nanny pay, etc. More importantly, our funds will help at least one child feel the love of a family and know that they have not been forgotten.

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