Orphan Care Grants

Do you represent an orphanage or NGO serving the world's orphans? Ragini Project grants support your cause and can be used for medical costs, education, job training and other projects that create a viable future for the children you serve.

Much like our adoption grants, we will select an orphanage/NGO to be our featured organization for one month. Net proceeds from all sales within that month will fund your grant. Therefore,  you will want to heavily promote the Ragini Project store through your network of supporters, social media, etc. The more we sell, the more you receive!

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from all orphanages and NGOs that go beyond simply housing orphans. We support organizations that prepare children for adulthood by providing education, career training, etc.

If you are an adoptive parent seeking adoption funding, please refer to our adoption grants.

How much are the grants?

The grant amount is completely dependent on the total product sales in the month the NGO is featured. All net proceeds from online sales are used to fund the grant. While we do our own product marketing, we strongly encourage recipients to promote our site to their friends and supporters while they are featured.  Your friends, family, church members & co-workers' purchases will grow your grant! Ragini Project grants work best when used by the NGO as an alternative to typical crowd-funding sites. And research shows that people are more willing to donate when they receive something in return, such as our direct trade apparel, jewelry & crafts. All purchases made on our site are tax-deductible.

How often do we review & award grants?

Applications are reviewed as they received on an on-going basis. One family or NGO is selected per month to be featured the following month. Featured families & NGOs receive all net proceeds from all sales during the month in which they are featured.

What is the orphanage/NGO responsible for?

  • Promoting Ragini Project to their circle of influence and encouraging them to shop online from our site during the month you are featured.
  • Procuring merchandise from artisans within the country you serve. As a direct-trade organization, we rely heavily on the help of people traveling to or working in developing countries to purchase merchandise direct from the artisans. As a featured organization, you will agree to purchase new items on our behalf. The Ragini Project will cover all product costs & baggage/shipping fees and will provide you with information to make the best product choices.

How to Apply:

Complete the grant application and return with all necessary attachments to hello@raginiproject.com. Required attachments include:

  • Current organization budget
  • Most recent annual report
  • Project budget & description (for specific project funding)