Ragini Project Story


In October 2014, my husband, Cameron, and I both felt the Lord calling us to adopt. It was very clear to me that He wanted us to adopt a young girl from India. The call was so strong that we moved forward despite not knowing how we would pay the $35,000 in adoption fees. We just trusted that He would provide.

Over the next 22 months, we struggled through the endless amounts of paperwork, training and FEES. We drained our personal savings and did a great deal of fundraising (garage sales, GoFundMe, craft fairs, etc). At no point was it easy. There were times when fees were due and we simply didn’t know if we would be able to pay or if we would have to stall/stop the adoption. God always answered our prayers for financial provision but those 22 months were filled with stress and worry. It was hard on our marriage and our family. The entire time, I kept thinking “There has to be a better way. God calls on His kingdom to take care of the fatherless, so why does it have to be so hard on those who answer the call?”

Shortly before we brought our daughter home, I was shopping for a birthday gift on my favorite fair trade site and God revealed His plan to me. He wants me to turn our adoption hardship into something more. He wants me to help those already serving the fatherless, and also those around the world using their talents to make a life. Thus, Ragini Project was born.

Our Name:

When we were first introduced to our daughter through a picture and medical file sent via email, her name was Ragini (“melody” in Hindi). We now call her Ila Grace but wanted to find some way to honor her life before us and the incredible people at her orphanage who raised her for her first two years. We will do so by helping other children with a similar start to life.

Sara Stratton
Founder, Ragini Project